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Make A HD Loader DVD

This is a guide How to make an HD DVD Loader.

I created an ISO DVD for myself and here are the steps I made, he worked with my PS2 and I hope for others.

1] You can use any version HDLoader on just rename this guide in this format [SCUS_XXX.XX]
the XXXXX could be 11978 or 12345 or any
2] You can also use this guide to LaunchELF DVD or ELF
3] This tutorial can also be used to rebuild the ISO

Files necessary:
HDLoader ELF [shall be appointed in this format ex. SLUS_200.01]
DVD Decrypter / Imgburn decent or any burning software
Sony CDVDgen 1.50/2.00
Dummy creator File
IML to ISO 1.51

Step 1:

Create a file using Dummy DummyFile of at least 1.4 GB
as indicated below ..
Make A HD Loader DVD
Backup place ..

Step 2:
Compiling HD DVD Loader

Run Sony CDVDGen
Choose [Create a new project]

Make A HD Loader DVD
then [DVD-ROM Disc Master]
Make A HD Loader DVD

add these files

SYSTEM.CNF <---- HDLoader V7C fully Patched SLUS_203.44 <---- HDLoader V7C fully Patched DUMMY.BIN <---- Your file Dummy It should look like these Make A HD Loader DVD

Now click on the volume
and change the following data

Disc name
SLUS 20344

Licensing Area


Name producer
Your name

like this
Make A HD Loader DVD

After it's done .. they are 2 steps you can follow:
A] press kit if your DVD Writer is supported by $ ONY CDVDGEN
B] Export MLI and create files using ISO IML2DVD 1.51

A window will appear and ask where to save.
I saved HDL_DVD
This will save one. MLI and a file. SGI file.

You get the following errors
Make A HD Loader DVD

Click OK
So, this menu appears
Make A HD Loader DVD

just click OK
Make A HD Loader DVD

Go to File, Export image
Again, I used the same file name [HDL_DVD] without the support
after which it will begin to create the image
Make A HD Loader DVD

When it's done click OK, then Exit
You must have the following:


Step 3:

By combining the files created by CDVDGen

go to the command prompt and go directly to the folder where your files are saved

Copy / B HDL_DVD.000 + HDL_DVD.001 HDL_DVD.ISO

COPY / B <---- command HDL_DVD.000 <---- The first part of the file HDL_DVD.001 <---- The second part of the record HDL_DVD.ISO <---- The combined files, you'll burn Note: it should take some time before the ISO to be created. B] Another way to create ISO easier and faster use IML2DVD
Make A HD Loader DVD
it is really easy to use ..
Navigation to the place where your IML is saved and navigate to where you want to save the ISO FINAL and make your

Now that it is done, it's time to burn your ISO you can use DVDDecrypter or IMGBurn decent or any burning software use either DVD-R or DVD + R booktyped on DVD-ROM

4x use if your media has 8x
2x use if your media has 4x speed

When it's done pop inside your PS2 and test it on

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